AMS is a idea conceived with the sole intention and the aim to provide all types of Medicines required for General Health care at very Affordable Price or say with minimum 50% to 80% discount.

Generally speaking Generic medicine is no different in salt and nomenclature with the original drug, only difference is that there brands are not promoted by manufacturers, which does not mean that they are different in quality or efficacy with comparison to any popular branded drug.

Infact Drug Controller General of India has issued strict instruction to all State drug control department to issue manufacturing license for generic names only to Drug Manufacturers however it depends on the manufacturing company to put a brand name on the packing or not.

The laws for testing and selling both branded and generics are almost same throughout the world.

At AMS all medicines sold are as good as most popular brand of any big company.

AMS has also put a target to provide medicine to poor and needy for free of cost.

AMS has also arranged for Free Home Delivery for all Cardiac and Diabetics patients subject to presentation of prescription on delivery.

AMS will soon introduce free online consultations with specialist Doctors.